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Uncontested Divorce

The emotional and financial impact can be vast when you are filing for divorce. The process and the cost can we overwhelming. An Uncontested  Divorce is the solution for you as it is cost effective and you only have to appear in court.

Note that if you have reached a settlement through negotiation or mediation, the next step is to reduce the settlement agreement to writing and have all the parties sign it. If everything has been settled, we have to serve and file the summons or your spouse.

In Court, we will ask the court to incorporate the settlement agreement into the court order. Unless the Court has some serious concerns with some aspects of the settlement agreement, the Court will incorporate the agreement into the court order, and everything you agreed will therefore also become an order of court.

A settlement agreement should address everything that was addressed in the particulars of claim and further court documents, as well as any other matters the parties want to include. The wording can be very important later on, so it is advisable to get legal assistance with drafting the settlement agreement.

We have the following options available for your uncontested divorce:

Attorney Divorce

We will do all the work for you and your divorce is concluded in the High Court of South Africa. This option will be advised if you have minor children and immovable property. We will show you the way forward.

You can complete the online application form and we can start immediately with the drafting of the divorce papers for you.

As a result, the divorce process can be completed in 8 weeks.

The online part means that you complete a questionnaire online, allowing us to ascertain whether you qualify for our services or not or to advise you on the best option available in your circumstances. We will use this information to draft your divorce documents and make sure that the information correct to proceed with your matter.

Diy Divorce

We will draft your divorce pack for you, but you have to do all the admin in the Regional Court (Family Court)

What do you get?

  • Drafted Combined Summons
  • Particulars of Claim
  • Drafted Deed of Settlement
  • Family Advocate Affidavit (Minor Children)
  • Statistic Form
  • Step – by – step guide ( After you received drafted divorce papers from us)
  • Guide will include all the next steps from Issuing summons until you divorce is heard in court

What will it cost me?

  • The cost to draft and provide you with a divorce pack is R999.00
  • You will have to pay the sheriff to serve the Summons the cost between R150.00 and R250.00


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